Air Mouse,MX3 Pro Mini Keyboard Remote Control

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The remote control flying squirrel specialize designed for Android Box、HTPC、smart TV、PC. Using it, people can sit on the couch enjoy movies, music in bed, surfing the Internet. 
One side of remote control has a simple keyboard, the other side of the remote control is very similar to a TV remote control and flying squirrel can instead of TV remote after learning TV remote control function.
It is built gyroscope and gravity sensor, rotating the wrist to move the cursor.

HOME: After entering the sub-menu you can back to the original main menu directly.
RETURN: You can press the Return key to put the unit into the last interface.
CURSOR LOCK: Short press to lock the cursor, and then return the cursor state.
TV: Infrared switch with 2.4GHz Free.

 After the remote controller has paired with the terminal equipment, LED will light with the button press, loosen is put off.
 Cursor speed regulation
-From slow to fast: Press “HOME” and “VOL+” at the same time, the speed of cursor pointer is faster
-From fast to slow: Press “HOME” and “VOL-” at the same time, the speed of cursor pointer is slower
 Infrared learning: Example for learning the TV “POWER” key
-First, short press TV, the air mouse switch to infrared mode and the LED light off.
-Long press TV button, LED light fast Flash into slow flash, the air mouse into the learning mode.
-After air mouse and TV remote control infrared transmitter alignment, press the “POWER” on the TV remote control, when air mouse received TV remote control code value, LED light long bright.
-Then Press the buttons for learning on-air mouse, when air mouse received the code value, the LED restore slow flashing, the learning success.
-After learning success press TV key, exit learning mode, and the red light is not flashing, in a state of out.

Full keyboard, air mouse and TV remote.
4 in 1 function: 1.Remote Control; 2.Air Mouse; 3.Wireless Keyboard; 4.IR Mode.
QWERTY keyboard for character and number
Compatible both IR and 2.4GHz transmission
Motion Sensor Allows Mouse to be Controlled by Waving the Remote.
Effective Battery Saver, turn into Sleep Mode for 20 Seconds, Inaction <6uA.
Plug-and-play Function, Compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0=10 meter.
The battery type: Two 7 batteries (AAA*2) (The battery not included.)
The machine power consumption: Current less than 10mA during the working condition.
Standby power consumption: in line with the European “energy star” green environmental protection standard
Material: Rubber and silicone
The appearance of the colour: Black
Dimension: 172 x 52 x 19 mm (two sides just 10 mm thick)

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1 x Remote Controller 
1 x Wireless Receiver 

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